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Giving Your Elders the Good Life They Deserve

Make a difference in the life of an elderly person who needs care they can't receive at home. As people age, living alone becomes progressively more difficult. You will feel good about lending the support your loved ones need by referring them to us at A Place for Assisted Living. We'll make sure they get the help and assistance they need in Phoenix, Arizona, to live a life of dignity in their golden years.

Our Gratitude for Your Assistance

At A Place for Assisted Living, we believe you deserve a reward for the concern you show in referring a senior citizen to us. We provide a monetary referral bonus for every qualified recommendation. A referral is successful when a senior finds a facility, moves in, and pays their first month's bill. We will provide our clients with Google payment access or a PayPal transfer for our clients.

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Personal Contact To Ensure Proper Placement

A senior living advisor will come to your location to provide an initial consultation and collect the information we need to match your retiree to an appropriate senior care facility. Our initial communication will also include an effective introduction for our potential clients. Once we establish contact with the referral you made, along with the information through our session, you will have the means to locate the right place for your elderly loved one. For referrals through our site, please complete our contact page with your name, e-mail, contact number, and the name of the person you are referring for care.